Homeowner Care


At Nexst Properties, we’ve helped new homeowners through the process of purchasing, moving in to and living in a new condo/townhouse, so we know what it takes to make the experience stress-free. We go to great lengths to ensure homeowners have all the information and support they need, from the moment they walk through the presentation centre until long after they’ve settled into their new home.

Our Customer Care Portal provides construction updates and other information valuable to homeowners prior to completion. For two years after completion, our homeowners receive in-person support from Nexst Properties, including the opportunity to conduct a detailed homeowner orientation when their suite is ready for occupancy. Homeowners will receive a printed Nexst Properties Homeowner Handbook at the time of possession with important suite, building, strata and warranty information to make their transition as seamless as possible. And at the one-year mark, homeowners can take advantage of a courtesy service visit designed to address any warrantable issues that may have arisen over the year.


Curated Homeowner Profile

The process is simple. When you finalize your home purchase, we ask a few questions to determine what’s important to you. Do you have children attending Elementary school or High School? What documentations do they need prior to registration? How about recreational centres nearby? Shopping or restaurants that are top rated in the area? We simply curate all those information for you.


Information that Matters to You

Building a home includes multiple suppliers, vendors, and schedules. As part of our homeowner care, we provide ongoing construction updates to allow homeowners the a piece of mind. At Nexst Properties, we want you to be a part of the journey. It’s your home after all. In addition to construction updates, we also share news about community developments, amenities in the neighbourhood, and transportation updates.