Spaces reimagined.

Nexst Properties merges years of experience in real estate development and development finance with vision, innovation, and diligence. With experience in all types of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, and a focus on exercising financial prudence, Nexst Properties creates lasting value and maintains a fresh perspective in the ever-changing landscape of development.

Our approach is simple, we stand behind our brand with everything we do. From the location of a project, to design and construction, and throughout the sales process, we drive our projects through the same principles – considerate, consistent and contemporary philosophies. When there’s only one message to champion, brand and product work in harmony. Being consistent doesn't mean non-evolving and never changing, it means what we say and what we do are aligned. It also means homeowners can trust the quality of our homes, time and time again.

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Another word for consistent? Dependable. By holding a high standard throughout the development process we’re able to ensure each project is executed with the utmost detail. Nexst Properties is a brand recognized for excellence. A stamp of approval from homeowners who know and understand quality built homes. A nod from the industry on consistently modern design. And a pat on the back by our employees for achieving something that we can be proud of. Consistency in quality is undeniably at the core of Nexst Properties.


The fundamentals of design require that we see every person worthy of a space to move confidently and live purposefully. At Nexst Properties, we continuously challenge every aspect of design by re-imagining the balance between kitchen, living, dining, and bedroom space. Considerate design means understanding the harmony between functionality and livability. Each utility element of a Nexst home embodies this philosophy.


Nexst Properties is modern meets timeless, form meets function. We believe comfort doesn't have to be sacrificed by contemporary design. By creating living spaces with elements of utility, it's easy to feel at home.

by design, not by default
— Nexst Properties