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Real Estate Development

At Nexst Properties we strive to create and enhance the built environment by identifying needs not satisfied by existing property, land or neighbourhoods. It requires skills and attributes that are necessary to recognize these opportunities and to manage the process.  It is also about bringing together the proper resources to be applied to design, approvals, construction, and marketing, to ensure masterful execution.

With a perceptive sense of the marketplace, and the tenacity to forge new opportunities, while transforming neighbourhoods, managing dynamic environments and diverse groups of people and interests, Nexst Properties continues to strive for excellence with each project.


Development Management

There’s no doubt, it takes capital, knowledge, relationships, and most importantly perseverance to execute any development project. Often, at the very beginning, owners face a big decision with what they want to do with their property. At Nexst Properties, we understand the challenges that surround these decisions, and the struggles of development.  Through research, experience and collaboration with landowners, we’re able to strategically determine the best potential for an any site. Creating an extensive plan that results in the highest likelihood of success.


Asset management

At Nexst Properties, we manage real estate assets to ensure your investments’ exposure to risk is mitigated while determining solutions that offer opportunities for value growth. This includes detailed analysis of the influencing market, keeping up to date with research and trends, and staying current with political, industry, and economic news.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest
— Benjamin Franklin

Sales and After Sales

Our strength lies in seeing projects through from beginning to end; providing expert management every step of the way, and giving homeowners a service that is unmatched in the industry. We recognize that real estate is often an individual’s largest lifetime investment. However, the the lack of care and communication between developers and buyers show little importance of this big life decision. In effort to make home ownership a truly personal experience, we have created a Homeowner Care Program.

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